Dave Espinosa

David is a successful business executive, technology engineer, educator, husband and father.  Having spent the past 40 years here in Nevada, and over 25 years Sparks, David understands the special combination of pride, community, and family that makes our corner of the world unique.

David is focused on creating jobs. He feels that Nevada’s economy must always be a top priority. It is imperative that Nevada fix what is broken, while preserving and reinforcing what is working.  Nevada must create conditions where businesses feel comfortable creating jobs and are not punished for their success and growth.  David will vote to keep taxes low and create the necessary environment for success, especially for the small businesses. 

As an engineer and executive, David has worked with some of Nevada’s fastest growing companies.  During his career, David has worked hard to develop the careers of many fellow Nevadans across several industries including gaming, defense, logistics, and technology.  Most recently, David has been working as a consultant, working with industry executives throughout the world so they can achieve the success David has built here for Nevada’s businesses. 

For years, David has served our state and community on the Governor’s Judicial Selection Board, The Washoe County Citizen’s Advisory Board, and the Sparks Charter Committee.  Dave has also been an instructor at the University of Nevada’s College of Business Administration, helping tomorrow’s leaders build their understanding of leadership, business, and technology. 

David emigrated from Barcelona, Spain to Nevada at the young age of six, growing up in Las Vegas and becoming a citizen within weeks of his 18th birthday.  He attended the University of Nevada and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.  Later, he returned to pursue and receive his master’s degree in Computer Information Systems. He leveraged this education to create a thriving career in Information Technology, advancing through the ranks from IT engineer to Executive Management. 

A long-term Nevada resident of nearly forty years, with over twenty-five of those in Sparks, David has made Sparks his home.  David has been married to his high school sweetheart, Cynthia, for over 25 years, and together they have three beautiful daughters, all of whom have grown up in Sparks.  All three girls have attended Reed High School, and are either currently attending, or soon will attend, the University of Nevada, just like their parents.  Deeply involved in Reed High School, soccer, the arts, military science, community service, and martial arts, David is proud of his children and their continued efforts to serve the community they love.

Dave Espinosa