When Nevada needed leadership, Sisolak offered confusion

Day 48 of the lockdown, and we may have some relief on the horizon… maybe.

In a meandering press conference where Nevada was promised a clear plan, Governor Sisolak rehashed the same confusing mash-up of discussion topics presented 9 days ago.

The new wrinkle: a Commission. Governor Sisolak has now created a commission, LEAP, to do his job. LEAP, consisting of a Republican Nevada Senator, a Democrat Clark County Commissioner, and about a dozen other standing committees and panels will now be responsible for determining the County level preparedness.

For the record, this is now the fourth responsibility shift away from Governor Sisolak during this crisis:

1. a former MGM President was to lead the coordination efforts

2. The “panel of experts” was to decide on the progress

3. Earlier this week we were to follow the model laid out by group of western states

4. now: LEAP.

Missing in this list: Governor Sisolak, the person we elected to be the state’s chief executive.

Governor Sisolak, we don’t need commissions, panels, or press conferences punctuated by confusing and contradictory statements… we need a plan, we need decisive leadership, we need our businesses open. Most importantly, Mr. Governor, it has become apparent through your inaction that we don’t need you.

Join me in demanding that Nevada be moved immediately to President Trump and the CDC’s Phase 1 standing and that we immediately start implementing a restart and reopening of Nevada’s business community.

Nevada’s families need relief.