Nevada Veterans Organization, Veterans In Politics, Endorses David Espinosa for Nevada Assembly 31

Sparks, NV – Today, Nevadan veterans organization, Veterans in Politics, International, endorsed David Espinosa in his race for Nevada’s Assembly District 31.

Veterans In Politics addresses the future of politics as warriors and juggernauts, poised as the political ‘sword of Damocles’ in the body politic, acting in a combative rather than reactive capacity.  Through a stringent evaluation process, Veterans In Politics, International, Inc. (VIPI) openly interviews, selects, then endorses political candidates.  Chosen candidates are publicly presented the VIPI endorsement, then promoted by VIPI membership.  These procedures are conducted to ensure that only people of the highest quality of character occupies our elected seats, and to obtain the VIP mission statement.  VIPI continues to fight for the country’s freedom, uphold the vow to protect and defend the Country and the United States Constitution, beyond our military service.

“It is humbling to have earned the respect and endorsement of our nation’s heroes,” said Dave Espinosa.  “More than a veterans organization, Veterans in Politics, International is an organization dedicated to the care and promotion of our nation’s returning warriors, and ensuring their courage sacrifice is both remembered and honored.  I thank VIPI for this endorsement and I look forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months to come.”

David Espinosa is a successful business executive, technology engineer, educator, husband and father.  David is running for Nevada’s Assembly District 31 as the leading conservative candidate and voice for small business and limited government.