Clark County Caves, DNC Wins, You Lose

In a shocking capitulation to the far-left, Clark County has “relaxed” signature verification laws during this election, as well as allowed for “ballot harvesting”.

The DNC has dropped its lawsuit against the Nevada Secretary of State after Clark County agreed to increase the number of polling locations on election day, “relax” the signature verification steps taken to ensure ballot legality, and allow third parties to collect ballots… otherwise known as ballot harvesting.

Let’s take each of these one at a time…

Polling locations: fine. If Clark County wants to have more than one polling location on election day for a county with two million inhabitants… knock yourself out. I will holster my incredulity at the people telling us we can’t go back to work are also saying we need to have more polling locations. Regardless… more face to face voting, when possible and safe, is good, so we will move along.

“Relaxing” signature verification processes: ridiculous. Is there not enough unease in the upcoming election? Now, we need to remove the one remaining safeguard to voter fraud?

Ballot harvesting: unconscionable. Let’s recap… ballot harvesting in California is virtuous… ballot harvesting in Georgia is immoral… ballot harvesting in Nevada is necessary. Gee… what makes Georgia different out of those three?

Think any of this will impact the “non-partisan” judicial races?

Lastly, there is no correlation between health safeguards and signing a ballot, nor is is safer to send a stranger into a home to collect a ballot than to mail it yourself.

This is a new low in partisan politics: using the global pandemic as an excuse to weaken the legitimacy of our state elections.

Join my team and help me ensure that our election laws are not ignored and used as a political pincushion.