The Rescue Nevada Framework a Lifeline for Nevada Small Businesses and Families

The Espinosa “Rescue Nevada Framework” lowers the tax burden on Nevada’s small business community to protect jobs.

This simple, common sense, budget neutral plan prioritizes assisting Nevada’s families and Nevada small businesses, hiring 500 or fewer employees, by allowing businesses to focus on retaining and rehiring their teams, rather than paying the State Government a penalty for each additional worker.

First, a 50% reduction in the State’s Gross Receipts Tax.

Second, the “Employment Tax” known as the “Modified Business Tax” would be eliminated for 6 months.

Third, to ensure Nevada’s families are also directly assisted and tourism is re-invigorated, a 1/2% reduction in the State Sales Tax.

Last, to cover these costs, the biannual budget for all non-education sectors would remain at the levels in place for 2019.

Together, this plan represents a $1 billion injection back into Nevada’s economy, producing an economic impact of over $3.5 billion dollars and saving an estimated 123,000 Nevada jobs.

Join Dave in helping Nevada’s small business community by ensuring Nevadans have the money necessary to shape their destiny.