Nevada Trucking Association Endorses David Espinosa in Race for Nevada’s Assembly District 31

Sparks, NV – Today, The Nevada Trucking Association (NTA) Endorsed David Espinosa and his campaign in Nevada’s Assembly District 31.

“The Nevada Trucking Association is proud to endorse a veteran of the logistics industry, David Espinosa, in the race for Assembly District 31,” said Paul Enos, CEO of the NTA.  “As a former executive in Nevada’s largest logistics company, Dave is keenly aware of the part our truckers and trucking companies play in our state.  Dave has been and will be a vocal advocate for all businesses in Nevada as we work to rebuild our economy after the COVID-19 crisis.”

The Nevada Trucking Association is a member-driven organization dedicated to protecting the trucking industry against costly regulatory intrusions and increasing tax burdens.  In 1932 the Nevada Trucking Association was originally created as the Commercial Motor Operators of Nevada. The Commercial Motor Operators of Nevada was formed as a defensive measure in the face of oppressive and threatening legislation towards truck drivers and bus operators in Nevada. Today the Nevada Trucking Association’s goal is to continue uniting the many different companies which make up the motor carrier industry in Nevada.

“To be endorsed and supported by members of your own professional community is always especially humbling,” commented Dave Espinosa. “Truck drivers are true heroes, often working days away from home to help ensure our stores are stocked and our families cared for.  I thank the NTA and Paul for their support and I look forward to working with you in the coming session.” David Espinosa is a successful business executive, technology engineer, educator, husband and father.  David is running for Nevada’s Assembly District 31 as the leading conservative candidate and voice for small business and limited government.