Ex-Clinton lawyer threatens to sue Nevada unless signature verification is removed from ballots

In what can only be called a blatant, partisan attack on the election process, the DNC threatened to sue Nevada if several changes were not made to ballot processing methods ahead of the June 9th primary. Among these changes, the removal of signature verification of all mail in ballots.

Several weeks ago, the Nevada Secretary of State announced that in accordance with State and Federal safety guidelines, the June primary election would be conducted via mail in ballot.

This move effectively paves the way for any manner of vote tampering and fraud. This is a blatant attempt to skew all Nevada election results and set a precedent for this Fall. This move is bad for all Nevadans who want their vote counted and want their voice heard.

Rather than focusing on power grabs and partisanship hackery, how about the DNC partners with Nevadans to get our state back to work. That would be both refreshing and welcome.

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