David Espinosa releases the Rescue Nevada Plan for Nevada Small Businesses

Everyone knows my position on Governor Sisolak’s lack of leadership and communication during the coronavirus lockdown, and his lack of leadership on moving forward and taking the next steps toward recovery.
In failing to chart any course for today and tomorrow… the Governor has also failed to address the way forward next week, next month, and next year.

Leadership is not about “prevent defense”. It is about charting the course by which Nevadans can not just survive, but thrive.

It is necessary to not only plan for the coming weeks, but for the coming years. Next year, the Legislature and Governor will be paving the road forward… where it leads is up to the people you elect.

I believe that you deserve to know the position of all those who ask for your vote, your time, and your support. In that mold, I present the following 4 part plan to kickstart Nevada’s economy and rescue Nevada’s families.
This budget neutral plan focuses on shoring up Nevada’s small business community, protecting Nevada families, keeping in tact Nevada’s schools, and getting Nevada back to work.

Please review the items below and demand that all those campaigning for office provide you more than the standard talking points we have all grown tired of. You deserve better.

~Dave Espinosa